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  1. Information about subjects that might be of particular interest to participants is given out on the primary and secondary web pages of (a later web resource).
  2. Any content is presented in its original format without express or implied claims as to its applicability, comprehensiveness, accuracy, or correctness. The decision to access the website and utilize its material is entirely up to the user.
  3. Although there is a chance that some information on the portal may not be accurate, the administrative team (web resource directors, officials, main founders, employees, administrators, representatives of the moderating team, and other representatives) makes every effort to give users accurate and pertinent information.
  4. The portal is a project containing content that is open to all users. As a result, the site and its Content are provided without restrictions, on an “as is” basis, without any agreements between the users of this site, the Administration, the owners of the servers on which the site is based, or by anyone else who may be indirectly linked to this or other sites that may be the subject of complaints. This is because the site’s architecture enables anyone with Internet access to multiply the content on it.
  5. Users of do so at their own risk while saving any program. When downloading software from the website, a user acknowledges that payment of a certain sum may be necessary for the software’s installation and full use. Users are told that additional users may upload files, with their actions being supervised by the management staff.
  6. The administrative structure makes no promises or guarantees about the website or its content, including, without limitation, regarding relevance, correctness, accessibility, accuracy, completeness, or consistency with any particular goals of the website and content, in relation to that using the portal will be secure and uninterrupted, that the Administrators Group will correct the identified issues, or that there is no T
  7. In the website, some links point to outside sites. The presence of these links does not imply that the Administrative Group of this portal endorses or generally evaluates the content of external online sites; rather, they are placed for ease of navigation on this Internet project. Also, neither the availability nor the content of external resources are under the control of the administration of the specific website. Any links, ad units, and other information stated on the website resource and supplied from other portals that are accessible through are referred to as “written.”
  8. Controlling the legality or illegality of the information uploaded and delivered, including the information that visitors communicate to one alone, either as distinct materials or by sending links, is not one of the administration’s essential powers. The administrators do not control the copyright, the permissibility of receiving and transmitting materials, or the usage of items sent between participants.
  9. For the specified two users, the materials that one user transmits to another are the subject of file exchange. The administration disclaims all liability for the accuracy or ownership of the information contained below, regardless of who the author or authors are. However, any information transmitted on this resource automatically becomes the property of the creators of, unless otherwise specified, the administrators of may have access to this information.
  10. The administration team for the portal takes reasonable precautions to ensure the accuracy, legitimacy, and relevance of the content, but the Administration is not liable for the intentional or unintentional acts of third parties or organizations, such as those produced using materials found on the Internet project or discovered through a resource like that offered by the Administration and by third parties.
  11. In line with applicable law, the Internet project’s administrative structure disclaims all promises, guarantees, and assurances that may be made or considered, and the Management Group is not liable for the website’s content, users, or participants.
  12. Only the advertiser is liable for any advertising materials put on the platform. The website resource also cautions users that there is no assurance that they will be able to buy or use the offered services and items for the price or under the conditions stated in the ad units. The user acknowledges that the resource disclaims all liability for any damage that may emerge from any relationship with advertising, including any anticipated effects. Personal injury, computer malfunction, computer addiction, harm to computing devices and home networks, legal issues, and other situations fall under this category of damage.
  13. Users have the option to send comments, questions, recommendations, complaints, and other notifications to enter this information into the pertinent portions of the portal that will be seen by other participants as part of the Internet project. The sent information is not the responsibility of this website.
  14. The party publishing the contents is required to confirm who owns the copyright and the validity of the applications or articles that have been set out.
  15. Until the materials are changed by the moderators, the admin team of is not liable for their content.
  16. Without informing the members, the management group retains the right to increase and decrease these requirements. Also, the Management Group disclaims all liability for any changes, additions, deletions, or editing of participant-submitted data on the portal or any affiliated websites.
  17. The management team has the right to deny any visitor or group of participants access to the web resource without prior notice or justification.
  18. Without prior notice or justification, the administration has the right to modify or remove links to text information, executable files, audio materials, graphic files, and other data that Participants publish on the website.
  19. The full and current owners of the name, the trademark of the company or product, as well as the copyright to the design, copyright materials, and some indirect rights referred to, utilized or quoted on the given portal. Unless otherwise stated on the resource, no one has the authority to manage the rights to use copyright data other than the owner of such rights. Users are accountable for copyright material theft. It may be against the law to read, share, or edit the information that has been published on this resource in the nation where this project is being utilized.
  20. The visitor acknowledges that disputes and disagreements will be settled in accordance with the most recent laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.
  21. The visitor acknowledges that because there is no provision of commercial services, normative acts and regulations on the protection of consumer rights do not apply to the participant’s usage of a web resource.
  22. If a member of the Rules violates the Rules in an obvious or covert manner, the resource administrators team’s silence and impartiality do not waive their right to take appropriate action to safeguard the portal’s interests in the future.
  23. The other criteria are still in full force even if some provisions are deemed to be invalid under Russian Federation legislation.
  24. The participant confirms his unconditional agreement to the “Disclaimer” clause and the proposed Rules by using this portal. He also accepts any obligations that may be placed on the user as a result of reasonable circumstances.
  25. The Rules may be amended by a team of portal administrators at any moment, and such amendments shall be effective immediately. Using the portal after changes have been made constitutes the participant’s automatic acceptance of such changes.
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